Q: I'm a Parks and Recs Director and our tennis facility management contract is about to expire, can you either help with the R.F.P process or would you be interested in bidding for the contract?
A: We have collected and studied over 50 municipal tennis contracts and this is where we have spent most of our years in the tennis industry. We understand current industry standards and can either consult during the R.F.P. process or, if the opportunity is a good fit for both parties, create a proposal for the bidding process.


Q: I'm a Director of a tennis facility that hasn't been growing in program participation recently.  Can you help our situation?

A: Absolutely. After an in-depth analysis of the facility, its staff, the patrons, surrounding competition, and the local demographics we will be able to paint an accurate picture as to where your facility can improve and how to implement these changes.


Q: As a Director of Parks and Rec for our city we do not have a tennis facility. Can you determine whether we should invest in a tennis center?

A:We have several ways to discover if there would be a serious demand for a new tennis facility and how large it should be. We have experience in new club development from the initial conversations to phase 1 breaking ground. It's with this first hand knowledge that we believe Lifetime Tennis can guide you along the right path.


Q:I'm a tennis pro at a club and was wondering if it's possible to sell my client list and can you advise me on this?

A: It is! Although not an easy procedure, it is an option. In 2012 we were part of a negotiation that ended as a win-win for both the seller and buyer.


Q: I'm a coach at a school that has no tennis program but I'd like to start one that will grow over the years. How can Lifetime Tennis help me reach my goals?

A: This is something we take pride in, as growing juniors programs/teams are what keeps the game growing. We would assess the situation, type of school, facilities available, local coaches and volunteers, etc. and give you a step-by-step business plan showing how you can achieve your goal.


Q: As a Parks and Rec Director I need some guidance regarding tennis management development. Can you help me verify how my tennis programs and facilities are performing or under performing?

A: We get asked that a lot. Our years of experience allows us to truly understand what each pro, court, and facility is capable of maxing out at. We know X amount of profits can be generated from Y amount of courts. We also understand that some contractors think only of their bottom line and take advantage of courts solely for profit, for example by only teaching private lessons and not focusing on developing programs for the community. With our auditing system we will detect the pros and cons of the current model.


Q: As the facilities manager I oversee the tennis facility in my City. How can you help us increase visitors and increase revenues to the local businesses in the area?

A: First steps would be to assure there are the appropriate tennis coaches in place providing the suitable programs, tournaments, events,  then marketing these offerings in the right avenues. We proved successful at several large cities. We ultimately became the liaison for the USTA convention at the Sheraton resort, which generated significant profits as over 1000 visitors attended the weeks event.


Q: How long does it take you to consult on an issue?

A: It varies from contract to contract. An initial phone conversation is free and we welcome all callers.